The Beauty of Chinese Medicine

tree with roots.jpg

Chinese Medicine works so well because it works deep and it gets to the root of any problem. It is not a quick fix that is only temporary. It has long lasting effects. When the underlying cause of a problem is addressed in any condition - physical, emotional, behavioral - there is much more of a healing effect than just treating a superficial symptom. For instance, if a person comes in with low back pain, the pain is only the symptom of an underlying cause. In TCM that cause could be any number of things such as Kidney yin deficiency, Kidney yang imbalance, Liver fire, or Blood and Qi stagnation. Part of any acupuncture treatment always includes diagnosing the root of a symptom and treating the root. Once the correct diagnosis of the root happens, proper treatment brings relief and recovery.

Likewise, in my work as a parenting coach I work with parents in determining the root cause of why the child is behaving the way they are. Much of my parent coaching is based on TCM and treating the root. Behavior is simply a symptom of something deeper going on. In a way, it’s a cry for help, just as an aching back needs help. Consider when you have a fever, The fever is a symptom of something going on in your body - dehydration,an infection, heat stroke, a ruptured appendix - it could be any number of things. You treat the fever with Tylenol, but the underlying cause continues, and once the Tylenol wears off, your fever returns because the root of the problem hasn’t been treated. In a child’s behavior, you can punish, bribe, treat with medication, but those are superficial quick fixes that are temporary and don’t fix the root problem at all. To recognize, understand, and address the root cause, the reason the behavior is there, is to successfully treat the behavior.

Bad backs,headaches, digestive problems, or challenging behavior - in order to treat any condition successfully and for long lasting results, the root has to be treated. Treat the root, resolve the problem.